Dimension of Night

We have had a several beautiful clear nights over the past couple of months here in Finland. I captured this photograph in Meri-Pori, Finland. The photograph is a combination of two pictures. The first taken after sunset and the second one a couple of hours later from the same point of view. This technique is called Vision of Depth, and you can learn more about it in my Star Photography Masterclass


Nikon D810, Nikkor 14–24 mm f/2.8 G ED, Sirui R-4203L Tripod & K-40X
1st: ISO 100, 30 sec. f/8.0
2nd: ISO 8000, 30 sec. f/2.8


I used one of my Phase Presets to edit the photographs. First I used an overall look (Balanced) to fit my vision and then after combining the pictures I used another to create the atmospheric look to the image (Hazy - Morning Road). 

Dimension of Night - Mikko Lagerstedt - 2015, Meri-Pori, Finland