FINE ART Lightroom preset Collection PHASE

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I'm always searching for new ways to improve my photography and editing. If you are like me and want to find new ways to improve your photographs, this preset collection is for you!

I wanted to share my knowledge with you from my six-year experience in photography and post-processing and give you the tools you need to improve your photographs. The Phase collection is completely new way of using Lightroom Presets. It was created to suit different type of photographs - from night time landscapes to fine art photography.

This collection entity made with the help and experience from the users of my previous presets collection. If you have struggled to edit your photographs, it can't get easier than this! I use these presets daily for my work and wanted to give you the same tools as I have.

 Here are some sample images edited with the Phase collection.

The ultimate Phase collection Lightroom presets for beginners to advanced photographers, an excellent addition to your catalog. Easily spice up your post-processing techniques and to improve your photographs with just one click and add multiple effects.

I have hand selected my favorite presets from my Fine Art Photography Presets Catalog and offer them to you as the ultimate presets Collection Phase. I have used these presets for my latest work and from the presets you can learn how easily to add atmosphere, colors and unique look to your photos. These presets work best with RAW -files. Phase Collection uses simple step-by-step workflow to edit photographs. Collection gives you the flexibility and multiple editing possibilities to completely change the way your pictures look.

The Ultimate Phase Collection includes over 200 presets. The collection entity includes set of overall settings from which you can choose from either you like Balanced settings or Vintage look for your images.  

If you feel stuck with a photo and don't know how to improve it. You can try different looks from the various presets and choose the one that follows your style and vision.

What people Have said about my preset collections

"Thanks to your Lightroom Presets! Many of my images got a whole new touch, mood and fascination. Even if I don't use the presets, scrolling through them often gives me inspiration and ideas to improve my post processing. I can highly recommend these presets to anyone." Stefan L. - Germany

"I love the preset package I purchased. It's great to always have them on hand during workflow post processing. They come in use on a regular basis and sometimes help take my images to the next level, also saved some from disaster :)" Chris B. - UK

"From the first two days I have been using the Phase collection I love the overall look it gives to my images, completely different to what I have seen from other presets! Love it!" Peter T. - Sweden

" It is so good stuff and easy to use... great!!" Luis V. - Portugal

"Thank you so much - your presets are wonderful. I am a beginner and they are a great helpSusie J. - Australia

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Step-by-step tutorial how to install the presets:


Ultimate Fine Art Photography Preset Collection Phase
for Lightroom 3.6, 4 and 5

Over 200 Presets

  • 73 Unique Phase Presets
  • 25 Color Presets + 16 Temperature Presets
  • 18 Effects Presets
  • 28 Graduated Filter Presets
  • 7 Graduated Color Effects Presets
  • 10 Final Adjustment Presets
  • + 27 Overall Settings Presets
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    - Using The Presets Guide
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    SO HOW DOES the collection WORK?

    Just by following the step-by-step work-flow from the Phase preset collection. You can choose Hazy, Night, Vintage, HDR, Star and Strong presets to start the editing. You can also add feel, effects, colors, balance and overall mood of your photographs. Central idea is, that you can select any of the Phase presets and then choose additional editing to it. This collection will give you almost unlimited possibilities to edit your photographs!

    1. Select the Phase Preset from 73 unique visual treats. 
    2. Select a basic edit for the image from different Overall presets. This set includes presets to fit any style. If you want darkness, lightness, High Dynamic Range or Hazy atmosphere - all of these are included in this folder.
    3. After you are satisfied with the overall feel and look of the photograph go on and select Color style for your picture
    4. Add film grain and vignetting to the photograph from the effects set
    5. Add balance or color graduation with graduated filters
    6. Add final adjustments: Clarity, Noise reduction and Sharpening