I have been photographing now for ten years, and have been creating composite work since the day I started. For this course, I have gathered my knowledge from the journey. My goal is to teach you my tools and show you how to create work that stands out. 

The lessons in the course are suitable for beginners to advanced photographers. I walk you through the steps to create photography that makes peoples heads spin. If you wish to follow the Art of Editing part of the course, you should have Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC. Learn more about me and my journey here.

Included in the course

1. How to create Ideas for your photos & Keep yourself inspired

2. How to plan your adventures & What gear to use

3. The art of seeing & How to find your vision

4. How to capture the images & What settings to use

5. The art of editing (9 detailed lessons)

  • Learn how to edit the photographs in Lightroom CC
  • How to create composite landscape photographs in Photoshop CC
    • How to create realistic views using multiple photographs
    • Learn tricks such as create light rays & boost Milky Way
    • How to blend images to create balance and smooth transitions
  • How to finalize the edit in Lightroom CC

6. Photo Critique & How to analyze your work

7. 64 Fine Art Landscape Lightroom Presets

8. Star Photography Masterclass eBook

9. Source files to follow along the editing process

Before & After
The Art of Editing Lessons

The Art of Seeing

Find your vision in photography and learn how to compose your photographs. Below are some example views from the video course. We go through what makes images appealing and how to compose your work. 

What you will learn?

  • How to create unique ideas for your photography

  • How to keep yourself motivated

  • How to capture and edit fine art composite landscape photography

  • How to compose and capture photographs

  • How to find your unique vision

  • Elevate your post-processing to the next level

  • Create Day & Night -style of photography manipulations

  • How to analyze your work

Below are work created using the techniques we go through in the Day & Night video course.

What people are saying about the course

Peter D. – Photography Enthusiast, Poland@iampeterd
"This tutorial makes you not only better in post-production but cuts deep into photography skills itself. I can say that what you have offered to us has much more value than what you charge!"

Riku N. – Photographer, Finland @rikunorakari
"This course gave me so much inspiration and ideas for the future. Thank you so much! I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in fine art landscape photography. The course is easy to follow with clear lessons and no part is overlooked."

Hendrik M. – Photographer, Estonia @hendrik.mandla
"The tutorial was really good! It definatelly changed how I do photography from planning to editing, even when im not doing composites. I just watched it and tried with the sample images. It was great!"

Mandip M. – Photographer, UK @mandipmann10
"I can say this is an amazing course, not just for learning about composition and editing but also for getting inspiration to explore as well as create new ideas!"

Day & Night

Learn the techniques to transform your images into unique photography


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