The best deal you can get. The Collection includes all tutorials, courses, eBooks, Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions in one package. Learn all my techniques, tools and tricks from my 10-year experience as a photographer. The fastest way to create unique work and excel in photography!


The Complete Collection is the perfect set for anyone who want's to get all of the tools I use in a single package. When you purchase the whole collection, you save over 50% of the prices included in the set! 


I absolutely love everything in the package! The way you have spoken the viewer through your process and your approach to the art in your e-books is clear, slick, and inspiring. You should be proud! The only criticism that I have is that there are no hardback printed copies of your books! They & you deserve this. :)
— Rowan W.
Mikko, thank you for another awesome product that inspires me and drives me to be a better photographer and helps me to continue to reach higher and higher. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with us! I love your work!
— Chris M.
Day & Night tutorial makes you not only better in post-production but cuts deep into photography skills itself. I can say that what you have offered to us has much more value than what you charge!”
— Peter D.
I ended up buying the complete photography bundle. I’ve only browsed through the ebook and it’s great so far, and I’ve been using the phase presets a lot, I love them! Great stuff, thanks!
— Alesar B.
Thanks to your Lightroom Presets! Many of my images got a whole new touch, mood, and fascination. Even if I don’t use the presets, scrolling through them often gives me inspiration and ideas to improve my post-processing. I can highly recommend these presets to anyone.
— Stefan L.
A superb resource and must read for anyone getting into Astrophotography whether beginner or advanced!
— Raico R.

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