The Complete Collection is the perfect set for anyone who want's to get all of the tools I use in a single package. When you purchase the whole collection, you save over 50% of the prices included in the set! 


I absolutely love everything in the package! The way you have spoken the viewer through your process and your approach to the art in your e-books is clear, slick, and inspiring. You should be proud! The only criticism that I have is that there are no hardback printed copies of your books! They & you deserve this. :)
— Rowan W.
Mikko, thank you for another awesome product that inspires me and drives me to be a better photographer and helps me to continue to reach higher and higher. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with us! I love your work!
— Chris M.
Day & Night tutorial makes you not only better in post-production but cuts deep into photography skills itself. I can say that what you have offered to us has much more value than what you charge!”
— Peter D.
I ended up buying the complete photography bundle. I’ve only browsed through the ebook and it’s great so far, and I’ve been using the phase presets a lot, I love them! Great stuff, thanks!
— Alesar B.
Thanks to your Lightroom Presets! Many of my images got a whole new touch, mood, and fascination. Even if I don’t use the presets, scrolling through them often gives me inspiration and ideas to improve my post-processing. I can highly recommend these presets to anyone.
— Stefan L.
A superb resource and must read for anyone getting into Astrophotography whether beginner or advanced!
— Raico R.

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