Presets Collection Saga

After a long wait, I finally present you the new fine art landscape and night sky Lightroom Preset Collection Saga! If you want to add a unique look to your night and landscape photographs the Saga Presets are perfect for you! It includes over 180 presets to suit your style with my post-processing techniques. The collection uses the same technique of step by step process as the Phase Presets. Below you can find before and after photographs edited with the new collection. 

video on how to use Saga Lightroom Presets

Star Photography Masterclass

As you may have noticed, it has been quite some time from my last post. Finally, after countless hours of work, I present to you my new eBook, Star Photography Masterclass. Here is a quick intro about the Masterclass. Learn more here.

  • Essential Guide to Star and Milky Way Photography
    • How To Capture Stars and Milky Way
    • What Equipment You Need
    • Planning: Location Scouting & Timing
    • Capture: Focus, Read the Landscape, Composition and Camera Settings
  • Quick Tips
  • Three In-Depth Tutorials Visions of DepthDreamy Night and Moonlit
    • How To Create Surreal Star Photography: Capture Technique & Post-Process
    • How To Use Light Pollution in Star Photography: Capture Technique & Post-Process
    • How To Use Moonlight in Star Photography: Capture Technique & Post-Process
  • Photography Inspiration Exercises to Get Motivated

How to Create A Night Panorama With Lightroom CC

Adobe released the new Lightroom CC couple of weeks ago and I wanted to write what are the new features it includes. Lightroom 5 had some great features and new updates like advanced healing brush, spot removal and radial gradient tools. In Lightroom CC, there are some new features as well. The new Lightroom CC includes faster performance and it does, in fact, feel faster in the daily use. 

The new Panorama and HDR -features are great for combining multiple photos without opening the images in Photoshop. This addition is a great feature for those who don't have Photoshop or are lazy like me creating panoramas in Photoshop.

  • Panorama
  • HDR
  • Faster Performance
  • Precise control of Filters (I will do a follow-up tutorial on how to use these)

You can view all of the new improvements here:

Select the photographs you want to create a panorama. While you are shooting, you should consider capturing the photographs overlapping each other quite a bit. This will help Lightroom to analyze the panorama more efficiently.

Right-click on the images and select Photo Merge -> Panorama. 

First select two or more photographs you want to create the Panorama

Once the Panorama preview has been processed, you can see the outcome. Panorama processing takes some time depending on how many images you are trying to convert to a panorama. Click on the Merge button to process the image. 

The preview shows how the panorama will look, once it has been processed

After the picture has been processed Lightroom creates a dng (raw) file on which you can add lens correction and other adjustments. You can also use Presets to add unique look to your panoramas. 

After the panorama has been processed you can apply Lens correction and Presets to it

For this image I used Hazy - Surreal Lightroom Preset from my Preset Collection to add atmospheric look to the image.

If you are one that enjoys creating panoramas or HDR-images, I highly recommend grabbing the new Lightroom. However, if you rarely do panoramas and don't like the look of HDR, this update is not as major as the jump from Lightroom 4 to 5, which included some of my favorite updates such as the radial filter.

You can purchase the Photographer plan via Adobe, it includes both Lightroom and Photoshop. All of my Fine Art Presets work perfectly also in the new Lightroom CC. 

PHASE - Adobe Camera Raw Presets

I'm happy to announce that the new Phase presets available now in Adobe Camera Raw. The Fine Art Presets work best with Photoshop CS 5 and newer. I have now added a 5 Inspiration Exercises to Create Inspiring Photography -guide included in the Lightroom and Camera Raw Phase presets collection for free! If you purchased the Collection before the update, you should receive a link to the new guide!