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How To Use Graduated Filters & Radial Filters in Lightroom 5

I made a short video tutorial on how to use Graduated Filters and Radial Filter to balance pictures and add colors. Hope you like it.

Sorry that I sound bit weird, but I have the flu. :) 

Things I'll go through in the tutorial.

  • Balancing photo with Graduated Filter
  • Adding color with the Radial Filter
  • Using the Radial Filter to add Vignetting
  • Basic adjustments

Sunset - Before

Sunset - After Graduated Filters and Radial Filter

I have also gathered my favorite Lightroom settings to presets and provide those here:

Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets

Great Resources For Photographers

A collection of websites I find very interesting and great sources of inspiration. If you are stuffed with Christmas food and not ready to go out and take photos, you might want to check these sites out. :)


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A huge community with different creative fields.. Photography, Design, Fashion, etc. 



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Image bookmarking source for anything really.
Tip: hit J to go forward and K to go back.


Looks Like Good Design

Source of inspiring projects and photographers.


My Modern Metropolis

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News and inspiration, anything photography related.





Even before I stumbled into Photography, I was going through this site. It's a great source of tutorials, inspiration and wallpapers. 


For every photographer or photo enthusiast, this site provides excellent video tutorials and talks about photography.



One of my favorite sites for Photoshop -tutorials. 


Hope you liked the list. Happy Holidays!