How To Use Fine Art Lightroom Presets

Here is a short video tutorial on how to edit photos by using my Fine Art Lightroom Presets.

For these examples, I used the Star & Milky Way presets and the Split Toning Presets. 

BTW. It's my first video tutorial, so I must admit that I'm not that great in these.. But hey, you got to start somewhere.. :) Hope you enjoyed it! 

Here is a photo I did with these settings.

Alone - Photography Video

A short photography video I made from my series: Alone. It was something new for me to work on and fool around with. I hope you like the video! I'm planning on making another video in the future. There is a print giveaway in my Facebook page, you can take a part in it by liking my page and liking the post about this video.

Link to my page. 


Music by Arts The Beatdoctor, used with permission.

1. Arts The Beatdoctor & BLESS of SHAHMEN - Part Of The Crow
2. Arts The Beatdoctor - Looking For Clues







Go check his fantastic music at

Mikko Lagerstedt - Still Standing
Mikko Lagerstedt - Moody Water