First Row

I'm thrilled to show you another photo from the same night as my previous photograph: Divided. I had some fun in Yyteri, Finland walking down the beach alone, just mesmerized by the beauty of life. I tried to capture the beautiful sight I witnessed while sitting on the bench from a spectators perspective. Hope you enjoy it!

Equipment & Exif

Nikon D800, Samyang 14 mm f/2.8, Sirui R-4203L tripod with K-40X ball head
ISO 5000, 14 mm, f/2.8, 30 sec. 


For base edit I used my Fine Art Lightroom Preset: Landscape - Stars II. I also used Photoshop for the Milky Way with my upcoming Photoshop Action: Stars Enhance. Hopefully the Action pack will be ready in the next couple of weeks, still working on it to make it as good as possible.

First Row - Mikko Lagerstedt, 2014

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Hope you liked the list. Happy Holidays!