Winners of the Fine Art Preset Collection Phase

I'm happy to announce the Lightroom Preset giveaway winners, who have bought my previous Fine Art Lightroom Preset Collection. And the winners are...

Bruno Melim
Ari Pelkonen
Julie Velky

Congratulations to the winners! I will be sending the new Lightroom Phase Collection to the winners next week! Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway! Good luck next time! :)

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Lost at Night

Meanwhile here is a view from another beautiful night at the countryside of Finland. This one was edited with the new Presets Collection Phase. 

Equipment & Exif

Nikon D800, Samyang 14 mm f/2.8 & Sirui Tripod R-4203L and Sirui Ball Head K-40X
ISO 6400, 30 secs. f/2.8

Lost at Night, 2014 - Mikko Lagerstedt

Lost at Night, 2014 - Mikko Lagerstedt

Print Giveaway Winner XII

This was my twelfth Print Giveaway, and now is the time to reveal the winner.
Drum rolls... 

Sofie Løve Forsberg

She will be getting a limited edition, 50 cm print of one of my photos printed with high quality Hahnemühle PhotoRag paper. Thanks to everyone who participated. 

Congrats to the winner! I will send shortly email regarding the print. :)

Mikko Lagerstedt - Still Standing, 2012 - This is a single exposure, taken in Kanta-Häme Finland

Mikko Lagerstedt - Still Standing, 2012 - This is a single exposure, taken in Kanta-Häme Finland

Lightroom Preset Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

To enter in the draw for a Fine Art Lightroom Preset Giveaway, just leave a comment on this post! I'll release the winner tomorrow! :) Good luck everyone!



And the winner is... José María Picón
Congrats to José and thanks to everyone who entered to the giveaway! :)

My presets are now also available for Camera Raw!

These Pieces Fit

These Pieces Fit



Giveaway Winners

So it's finally the day to announce the giveaway winners. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of people who participated! That's amazing! Thank you so much each and everyone! To thank you, I decided to give three Fine Art Lightroom Preset Collections!


Lightroom Fine Art Preset Collection goes to followers on

Facebook: Stefan Lind
Twitter: Adam Perfect
Google+: Randy Miller


Limited Edition Fine Art Print goes to:

Jørund De Jongh Jørgensen


I have sent messages to all the winners, if you use facebook, check the Other -folder. :)

I hope all my followers a Wonderful Christmas! If you didn't win, don't worry! You will have another opportunities in the year 2014. So stay tuned!

Thanks for the amazing year!


Here is a new image Luminescence to the Edge series. On a side note: I will have an Exhibition in Järvenpää-talo, Finland in February 2014, you are all welcome there. I will announce the dates as soon as they are confirmed.

If you are interested in the presets, there is still time to grab the Fine Art Presets for discounted prices until 31st December.

Lightroom Presets Christmas Giveaway

Hey everyone, hope you are well and soon ready for the Holidays! 

I present to you my Fine Art Lightroom Presets which I've been working on for a long time. A collection of presets I have used for my work for the past few years. I made three categories: Fog & Atmosphere, Star & Milky Way and Split Toning and also the Full Collection which includes a Fine Art Macro Pack and Basic Adjustments Preset Pack in addition to the above.

This Photo was created by using The Fog & Atmosphere Lightroom Preset -  Blizzard 2012

I'm currently having a Lightroom Preset Christmas Giveaway and two of my followers will get the Full Collection

Winners will be announced on 17th December, 2013. And remember the Print Giveaway, winner will be announced also on 17th December.

This photo was created using The Fog & Atmosphere Lightroom Preset - Dawn, 2013 

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