Day & Night Video Course

I'm happy to introduce my new video course called Day & Night. It's a mash-up of my favorite techniques put into one video course. You can learn how to create jaw-dropping landscape photography. It's on sale for under 48 hours, so go and grab yours! 

New Video Tutorial - Day & Night

Happy New Year everyone! For the past two months, I have been working on my first pro video course Day & Night. In the tutorial, you will learn how to capture, create, edit and produce ideas for fine art photography and manipulations. It will be fast-paced, straight to the point learning experience. 

This year it will be my 10-year anniversary in photography, and I'm happy to announce I will be posting three different pro video courses in 2018. In these tutorials, I show you all of my techniques and knowledge I have gathered in the ten years I have been photographing. 

How To Use Lightroom Presets Collection Phase

Hi everyone, I made a tutorial on how you can easily change the way your images look with the Phase Collection. The main idea of the Phase Collection is to save time with the editing and give you unique way to improve your photographs.  

Here are examples on how you can change the way your images look:

How To Use Graduated Filters & Radial Filters in Lightroom 5

I made a short video tutorial on how to use Graduated Filters and Radial Filter to balance pictures and add colors. Hope you like it.

Sorry that I sound bit weird, but I have the flu. :) 

Things I'll go through in the tutorial.

  • Balancing photo with Graduated Filter
  • Adding color with the Radial Filter
  • Using the Radial Filter to add Vignetting
  • Basic adjustments

Sunset - Before

Sunset - After Graduated Filters and Radial Filter

I have also gathered my favorite Lightroom settings to presets and provide those here:

Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets

How To Use Fine Art Lightroom Presets

Here is a short video tutorial on how to edit photos by using my Fine Art Lightroom Presets.

For these examples, I used the Star & Milky Way presets and the Split Toning Presets. 

BTW. It's my first video tutorial, so I must admit that I'm not that great in these.. But hey, you got to start somewhere.. :) Hope you enjoyed it! 

Here is a photo I did with these settings.