Creating unique photography is much more than learning the techniques, it’s how you think that separates your work from others. The Atmosphere eBook is an overall look into the world of atmospheric photography. My goal for this book is to give you the knowledge and techniques to start creating unique photography. Learn how to start with an idea and scout new places and plan for the perfect timing.

Ever since I began photography ten years ago, I have been gathering knowledge on how to create evocative photographs. In this eBook, I share my thought-process of what creates atmosphere from planning to capture and all the way to post-processing the images. In the editing part of the eBook we will go through seven photographs from capturing to post-processing.

You will learn

  • What creates atmosphere in photography

  • How to use colors to create different moods

  • How to create ideas for your photography

  • How to plan and scout new places for your photography

  • How to capture sceneries and search for interesting subjects and compositions

  • How to use post-processing to create atmospheric photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop

    • In-Depth Editing Tutorials

      • First Snow ~ Color Editing

      • Old Ghost In The Mist ~ Simplify

      • Blizzard ~ Light Editing

      • Path ~ Use Color to Emphasize Mood

      • Heart of the Storm ~ Create Atmospheric Photo Manipulations

      • Pathway ~ Creative Editing in Photoshop

      • Strange Ways ~ Using Blur to Emphasize Mood

  • Extra Content

    • How to Find Your Vision & Style in Photography

    • Deconstruct Photographs to Learn Faster

ATMOSPHERE Photography Masterclass

Learn How to Create Unique Atmospheric Photography

From Planning to Capturing Atmospheric Photography
Seven In-Depth Editing Tutorials
How to Find Your Vision and Style
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What people are saying about the ebook

“I have only gone through the start and I love the book! So much information!”
- Kerry S.

“I got the atmosphere bundle and I’m loving the presets and ebook”
- Samuel N.

“I wanted to see the edits, but there are so much more than the edits, such a great source for inspiration.”
- Tommi R.

"Mikko, thank you for another awesome product that inspires me and drives me to be a better photographer and helps me to continue to reach higher and higher. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with us! I love your work!"
– Chris M.


Example pages from the eBook (Overall 82-pages)



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Before and After Atmosphere Lightroom Presets