This e-book is not just about technique and equipment. It's essential guide to stunning Astrophotography: How to Capture Stars and Milky Way. If you are just starting star and astrophotography, this Masterclass is perfect for you! Even if you are an experienced photographer, there are riveting post-processing techniques with unique insight to star photography. 

Through my self-taught journey as a photographer, I have searched and created many techniques by trial and error methods. These tools, which I have gathered for this Masterclass from my six-year photography journey, can be applied to your photography. All of the methods through this process were used and tested to create my highly popular series ‘Edge’, ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Visions of Depths’. Scroll down to see example images created with the Masterclass.

You will learn

  • How to Capture Astrophotography: Milky Way, Night Sky and Stars
  • Equipment Information for Astrophotography and Post-Processing
  • How to Plan Star Photographs: Location Scouting & Timing
  • How to Capture Star Photographs: Focus, Read the Landscape, Composition and Camera Settings
  • How To Edit Star Photographs in Lightroom / Camera Raw and Photoshop
    • Three In-Depth Tutorials Visions of DepthDreamy Night and Moonlit
      • How To Create Surreal Star Photography
      • How To Use Light Pollution in Star Photography
      • How To Use Moonlight in Star Photography
  • Photography Inspiration Exercises to Get Motivated

Star Photography Masterclass e-book

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"This e-book by Photography Mikko Lagerstedt is a great piece of advice for you night shooters and creative guys out there. I was lucky to check this for Mikko before publication and I can say Ii learned a LOT about things related to night photography. Worth every penny for sure!"
 – Felix Inden

"It's a Superb resource and must read for anyone getting into Astrophotography whether beginner or advanced!"
– Raico Rosenberg

"Downloaded and did first read through...great tips, phenomenal photos, fabulous eBook! Can't wait to put some of those great tips to use!"
– Julie D.

"Mikko, thank you for another awesome product that inspires me and drives me to be a better photographer and helps me to continue to reach higher and higher. Thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with us! I love your work!"
– Chris M.

"Thank you, just downloaded - this is what has been missing from my life!"
– Monika K.

"Read the book! Definitely worth every penny! Now I want more!"
– Caleb R.

Example pages from the e-Book (Overall 71-pages)


Essential Guide to Star Photography - What Do You Need to Create Exceptional Milky Way and Night Sky Photographs

Essential Guide to Star Photography - What Do You Need to Create Exceptional Milky Way and Night Sky Photographs

Images created with the techniques in the masterclass: